Unique Options for Cremated Remains

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After losing a loved one who wanted to be cremated, one of the decisions you will have to make is to choose what to do with the cremated remains. For some people, this means placing them in an urn and in a niche or even having the remains at home, but that is not what everyone wants to do. If you are looking for an option that is a bit different and that can offer your loved one the tribute they deserve, there are some great options that providers of cremation services in East Brunswick, NJ recommend.

Lately, more people are opting for a water burial. These can be done in rivers, lakes, and the ocean. It is important to know that you need to have a biodegradable urn for this purpose, and there are a few choices. You can opt for those made of clay or seaweed, and a newer option is to choose urns made of cardboard. These have become popular because they are buoyant and can give you time to say a few words as it slowly sinks. Some people also choose to use salt blocks below the cardboard urn to slow the process even more.

Another option you have and one that is great for a loved one who enjoyed having fun is to place the cremated remains in fireworks. These can be silent fireworks, too, so that you do not have to worry about the noise if you want to light them during a service. There are also ash and glitter cannons that you can use, as well. They can be a great way of honoring someone who did not want a somber event after their death.

You can also choose to have the cremated remains mixed with cement to create a sculpture. You can make anything that would have meant something to your loved one. If the person loved birds, for example, you can choose to have the cement and remains made into a birdbath. For many families, options like these can make a huge difference.

Yet another option to consider is having the cremated remains made into a diamond. This is an option that more and more people are choosing because it allows them to have their loved one close at all times. There are lots of design options to choose from, and you can even get different color diamonds, so do take your time choosing.

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These are some of the best unique options for cremated remains. They can be beautiful tributes to honor the life of your loved one so do keep them in mind as you start making decisions. You can reach out to expert East Brunswick, NJ cremation service providers like us at Brunswick Memorial Home to ask any questions that you may have about these options. We are here to offer the kind of help you need to decide on the right options for your loved one. You can learn more about all of this by visiting us or by giving us a call.

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