The “Share The Love” contest


On February 14th, 2017, Brunswick Memorial Home teamed up with Heirloom Kitchen to sponsor the “Share the Love” contest.

For most of us February 14th is a day full of love and joy, but for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, Valentine’s Day can be extremely difficult.

In an attempt to make this day a little easier, Brunswick Memorial Home teamed up with the renowned Heirloom Kitchen of Old Bridge, “One of the top six new cooking schools in the country”, to create a chef’s table exclusive luncheon for someone who is without their loved one during this Valentine’s Day. Participants were asked to share their love story of someone they lost or are missing.  Entries were submitted through social media.  The winner and his/her guest would be chosen by Brunswick Memorial Home to enjoy a delicious meal.

The outpouring of submissions and emotions were overwhelming; making it difficult to pick just one winner. Instead Brunswick Memorial Home chose 15 winners with the most moving stories and their guest to join them at Heirloom Kitchen.

The winners were presented with a delightful three course meal. They had the opportunity to share their love story with those who were also grieving.  Smiles, laughter, and full stomachs filled the room.  Many of the attendees vowed to come back to the restaurant with friends and family, and some even made plans with other attendees to come back.

For more information on the event, please contact The Brunswick Memorial Home at 732-254-9393 or email to


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