Should You Take Photos at a Service?

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These days, people tend to take photos of everything. This can be something that also happens when attending the service of a loved one, but is it something you should do? There are different rules of etiquette that you have to follow when attending a funeral or memorial service, so you want to have an idea of what you can expect with this. To make sure that you do not offend anyone, here are some things that directors of funeral homes in Milltown, NJ want you to remember about taking pictures at a service.

At the actual funeral, the best thing is not to take pictures. People can find this disrespectful and that is certainly not what you want. You want to focus on the service itself and not disturb anyone by moving around to get a better picture or making noise. You also do not want to take pictures of people who are grieving, since this can be offensive to what they are going through. Sometimes, you may want to take a picture of a memorial display or even a flower arrangement and this may be fine, but be sure to ask the family before you do so. If they do agree, always make sure you do not take a photo of the casket.

If you received permission to take pictures, this does not mean that you have permission to share them widely on social media. You want to avoid doing that without also asking for permission from the family. It is common to want to share some of these photos with loved ones, but it can be a better choice to do so privately. This is the more thoughtful option, so do consider that.

There is usually a reception after the service and it is generally allowed to take pictures at that time. You still want to ask for permission from the family of the deceased, but people tend to be more relaxed as they mingle throughout the service. This is something that you definitely want to remember. It is also important to remember that people will be offering each other comfort and you do not want to interrupt conversations or make anyone have to walk around to get the photos that you want.

funeral homes in Milltown, NJThese are all important things you want to remember when getting ready to attend the funeral service for a loved one. You want to be careful when taking photos and you always want to ask for permission before making a choice. If you are not sure about what to expect from a service you can turn to a Milltown, NJ funeral home like us. We are here to ensure you can offer your loved one the best funerary services you want and to be certain you know what to expect. Give us a call right now or stop by and speak with one of our experts about the options that we can offer after the loss of a loved one.