Shipping Cremated Remains

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When a loved one dies in another location than the one where they want to be buried or their ashes scattered, you will have to have the remains shipped. Most people know how to do this with a body, but they might not be aware that you can also transport cremated remains, or ashes. East Brunswick, NJ funeral home and cremation providers have some suggestions to make this easier and to ensure that you have no issues when trying to ship the remains.   

Depending on where you are shipping the remains, one carrier will be better than another. If you are shipping domestically, then you have to use Priority Mail Express. These services allow the ashes to get to their destination in one or two days, depending on the option you choose. You can even have Sunday deliveries if you pay a fee. If you are shipping the remains internationally, then you have to ensure that you are allowed to do this and that the country that is receiving them allows it, as well. You can do this with Priority Mail Express, too, or with a first class package international service.   

For packaging, you need to follow the instructions of the shipping carrier carefully to ensure that there are no issues. For shipping, you need to have an inner and outer container, and there needs to be padding to ensure that the urn does not break during transport. To find the best inner container, you should consult with a funeral home director. They will have done this before, and will therefore have a good idea of the kind of packages that are worth buying. The best inner containers are strong and will not shatter. They will also be sift proof, so that shipping companies that have issues with transporting powder do not raise and concerns.  

The outer container is usually a box that you have to carefully line with materials that will protect from any spillage if damage occurs. You will want to add enough padding that the urn does not shift during transportation, since this can cause all manner of damage and could potentially break the urn. Bubble wrap and foam peanuts are always a good choice for padding. Before you seal the containers, be sure to add the address and information of the sender as well as the receiver so that there are no issues if the package is lost or opened mid-transport.   

Funeral home and cremation providers in East Brunswick, NJ are always happy to help you find the right containers and to ensure that you follow all protocol to ship cremated remains. By having professional help, you will be able to avoid mistakes and therefore get the remains to their destination much more easily. Reach out to a funeral home and cremation provider like Brunswick Memorial Home, which you can find at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Give them a call at (732) 254-9393 to start the process of preparing the remains for shipping.  

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