Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cemetery

Once a loved one dies and the arrangements are started for what to do with their remains, an important part that is sometimes not thought out as clearly as other options is the cemetery where the deceased will be buried. For some people, this is because they want their loved one buried in a cemetery where other members of the family rest. But for others, who do not have a preference in cemeteries, it can take some research to know which one to choose. We have some questions to ask before making a decision.

What are the Costs?

Probably the first thing you will want to ask is how much a plot in that cemetery will cost. Not all of them are the same rates, especially in cemeteries where famous people are buried or ones that have excellent views. It is important not only to pay attention to the plot costs, however. You want to ask about extra fees and other rates that you will have to pay.

A One Time Fee or a Yearly Fee?

Cemeteries vary when it comes to maintenance fees. Some charge yearly, while others prefer to receive maintenance fees all at once. Depending on what you prefer and what budget you have to work with, one of these options may be better than another. Take the time to speak with the cemetery director to learn more about fees.

Are there Restrictions on Headstones?

Some cemeteries have uniform headstones. For some people, this is not what they want, so it is vital to ask before making a purchase. This is one reason why visiting the cemetery is very important, since that will give you a good sense of the kind of place it is. If you are not sure which cemeteries allow for individualized headstones and other ornaments, reach out to a Spotswood, NJ funeral home for help.

Are there Restrictions on Caskets?

Another concern is the kind of caskets that are allowed in the cemetery plots. There are regulations that need to be followed, and some cemeteries do not allow “green” burials, which are done only with a shroud. For these, they may require you to purchase a burial liner of some sort. Depending on the kind of casket you want for your loved one, this can be a concern and something to definitely keep in mind.

Choosing a cemetery is just as important as deciding on whether to bury someone or cremate them. Cemeteries vary in rules and even fees, so taking the time to do a bit of research can help. Have an average rate in mind and be sure to ask as many questions as you have to ensure that you are making the right purchase for your loved one. You can get started by asking for assistance from a funeral home like Brunswick Memorial Home. They are located at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Call 732-254-9393 to get started on the process.

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