Advance planning allows you to carefully consider all of your choices, and to discuss them with your family. Besides knowing the arrangements are absolutely complete, we offer a valuable “Pre-Arrangement Agreement,” which protects your family from having to pay more for the funeral home charges later on. Few funeral homes offer this type of agreement and protection, but ours does. This is one of the most valuable reasons for making your prepaid arrangements with Brunswick Memorial Home.

Advance planning protects your family from having to make decisions during a time of stress and grief, allowing them to focus on what is important. Without exception, those families who have made advance plans have told us how much easier it made things when the death occurred.

Once advance plans are made, only one phone call is needed when the death occurs. The funeral home is able to then start putting into place the family’s wishes immediately.

If you are interested in preplanning please fill out the information below and a Certified Pre-Planning Counselor will call you back.