What to Bring to Arrangements

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Compile important documents

When a loved one has passed away, and family members are grieving, the arrangement process can often be confusing. Frequently, family members making arrangements do not know where their loved one stored important information that is required by funeral homes and government agencies to complete legal documents. In an effort to make our first face-to-face meeting easier on you, we have compiled a short list of documents and items you will need to bring with you.


 Although this list is comprehensive, in the event you may have forgotten additional items, please confirm your list with the funeral home before arrival.

  • Social Security Number
  • Birth Certificate Information, including Parent’s Names
  • Cemetery Deed
  • Veteran’s Documents (if applicable)
  • Photo(s)
  • Full Set of Clothes
  • Jewelry or other Personal Items


For your added convenience, you can also download and print a brief “worksheet” that will help your Funeral Director with much of the information he or she needs to complete the arrangement process.

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