Personalizing a Headstone

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As you begin to make funeral arrangements after a death, one of the tasks you will have to undertake is to plan what kind of monument or grave marker you want for your loved one. There are a multitude of ways of personalizing a headstone that most people do not know about. To ensure that your loved one is honored the way they should be and with a headstone that is as unique as they were, our memorialist at Brunswick Memorial Home, an East Brunswick, NJ funeral home and cremation provider can offer some tips.    

Keep in mind that all cemeteries have regulations that will dictate or possibly limit your options, we are familiar with all of them and will guide you in this process.  

Choosing an unusual or unique color of granite can help create a headstone that is beautiful and representative of your loved one. There are a lot of color choices to select from, so do keep that in mind as you begin planning the headstone. Some granite also has different textures, with larger or smaller veins, so be sure to look at a wide selection of samples to make the best decision.   

Custom shapes are another great way of ensuring the headstone you choose for your loved one is unique. Most headstone designers and providers have standard options, but they also make it possible for clients to plan the shape they want. If a particular shape or symbol was important to your loved one, why not choose to have the headstone made in that shape?  

Carvings can also transform the headstone into a something truly unique. Adding symbols that either protrude or are engraved into the monument that have significance for your loved one can not only make the headstone standout, but they can also honor the person in a way that a standard gravestone cannot. If you want this option but you are not sure what symbols or shapes to consider, ask family and friends for suggestions.   

The epitaph you choose can go a long way into personalizing the headstone. Although some people assume that the name and dates of birth and death are the only things that are appropriate to place on a headstone, you can also incorporate sayings or quotes that your loved one enjoyed. Make a list of songs or poems that were meaningful to your loved one and be sure to reach out to family members to see what they suggest.   

All of these tips can make it much easier for you to create a headstone that is as unique as the person you lost. If you are looking for special shapes or intricate carvings, our monument department at Brunswick Memorial Home, a funeral home or cremations provider in East Brunswick, NJ will show you all the options. Of course, you also have to consider the kind of budget you have in mind to make the right decision.   Whether or not our funeral home handled your loved ones services, we can still assist you, and often save you money over other providers.   Our office is located at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Call us at (732) 254-9393 and learn more about our services.  

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