Options Instead of Traditional Embalming

For people who are beginning to make arrangements after a loved one has died, one important thing to consider is whether or not to have them embalmed. If you are planning on having a viewing at the funeral service, then this might be necessary. But embalming uses a chemical called formaldehyde, which can seep into the ground and can pollute the earth. This is why some people are hesitant to choose embalming. There are some alternatives, however.

Enigma Eco-balming

This is a new alternative to formaldehyde and it is becoming more popular. Although not all funeral homes have it available, it is slowly emerging in more of them. It is made of non-toxic plant-based oils that will not cause any damage to the ground once the body breaks down. It is just as effective as formaldehyde, so it can still allow you to have the viewing without problems. Be sure to ask the Milltown, NJ funeral home you are considering if this is a possibility.


Refrigeration is the most “green” option when it comes to embalming. All funeral homes have the facilities to keep a body refrigerated so that you can make arrangements. This will make it possible to slow the decay for a few days without having to use any toxic chemicals.

Immediate Burial

Another option for people who do not want to have a funeral service of any kind is to arrange for an immediate burial. This can be easily done once all of the paperwork is in. With immediate burial, not only will you be preventing chemicals from seeping into the ground, but you will also be saving money by not having any kind of embalming done. This is an option that many people who are on a restricted budget choose.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is another way of avoiding embalming. This means that the body is taken to be cremated directly, without a service. It is the least expensive option out of all of them, and it still makes it possible for you to have a memorial service once you have the ashes. There is no need for any kind of embalming and there will usually be no need for refrigeration, either. If you are not sure about this option, it can be a good idea to speak with the crematorium to learn about what it entails.

All of these options can allow you to avoid embalming a loved one with formaldehyde. Although it is the most common option, it is also the one that harms the environment the most. For people who are concerned about this, then turning to the choices above can help. Be sure to speak with a funeral home director to learn about what they can offer, since not all of them can provide Enigma Ecobalming, for example. Learn more about all of the choices available by reaching out to Brunswick Memorial Home at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Contact us by calling 732-254-9393.

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