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Not everyone realizes that the government provides services for its veterans. If you have lost a loved one who served their country and you are getting ready to make arrangements for their funerary services, you will want to know as much as possible about the options available. To make this easier, directors of funeral homes in South River, NJ have some things that you need to know about services for veterans.

If the person wanted to be buried, there are national cemeteries that are available for a veteran. These cemeteries have special locations for veterans and the government can undertake to pay for the opening and closing of the grave, which can save you lots of money. You can also request perpetual maintenance of the gravesite, which can truly be crucial if you cannot afford to pay fees for it and you cannot do the maintenance yourself.

Another thing that the government can provide is a grave marker. These tend to be made of stone or metal and they have a beautiful simplicity to them that can be a great tribute to your loved one. They can also provide option for niches if your loved one wanted to be cremated, so do learn more about this.

Veterans can also have taps played at the service. This is something that is very moving and that many families choose. To arrange this, you will want the funeral home you are working with to contact the VA and coordinate the arrangements. It can make the service even more touching and memorable for everyone.

Losing a loved one who was a veteran can mean taking special consideration with the arrangements you make. You want to honor the person and their service to the country. The provider of funerary services you are working with, along with the government, can put together the kind of funerary services that your loved one deserves, so do no waste any time getting started making the arrangements. You can learn more about all of the options you have by reaching out to a South River, NJ funeral home like us at Brunswick Memorial Home. We are ready to help you with every aspect of the arrangements after the death of a loved one, so do not hesitate to reach out to us. Give us a call today or stop by our location to speak with our experts.

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