Honoring Loved Ones While Distancing

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During these difficult times, when funeral and memorial services are limited or many times not available, the loss of a loved one can be tough. Many people feel keenly the loss of not being able to have a traditional service. There are still some things that you can do to honor your loved one that can offer the closure and the healing that you need. Directors of funeral homes and providers of cremation services in South River, NJ have some crucial options to remember.

One of the options that you have is to do something that your loved one would have enjoyed. If they loved movies, why not watch some of their favorites in their honor? You can put together a playlist of their favorite music, too, or read some poetry that they enjoyed. All of these things can bring to mind your loved one and can allow you to say goodbye while still honoring their memory.

Many people are also turning to conference calls or virtual services. You can gather your family and other loved ones in a virtual conference call and have a service. Some funeral homes can help with this and you can even have a religious leader officiate. You can hire musicians and have them play from their own homes, and you can even have people read eulogies. You will still be getting the sense of community and of shared loss that can be so important during the stages of grief. All of this can offer the comfort that you and your loved ones need and it can make a huge difference in the process of beginning to heal from the loss.

If these options do not feel right to you, you can have a time of meditation. You can take the day as one of reflection and of remembrance. You may want to look at photographs of the person you have lost and remember moments that you had with the person. This kind of things can bring a sense of catharsis and can help you deal with the loss. Some people even choose to write a letter to their loved one as a kind of goodbye.

As you start considering what options you have for a loved one who has died during these days of social distancing, it can be a good idea to reach out to experts for their recommendations. Many providers are coming up with excellent alternatives to the traditional funeral and memorial services, so do not hesitate to reach out to experts. You can turn to a virtual service or you can choose for a more intimate day of meditation and reflection and you can still get the kind of closure that you need. To hear more about the options that you have during these times, you can reach out to a South River, NJ cremation service provider like us at Brunswick Memorial Home. We are dedicated to offering help for those struggling with the death of a loved one. Give us a call right now to learn more.

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