Guide to Planning a Funeral

After a loved one dies, it can seem impossible to start planning a funeral. It can be an overwhelming process if you are not sure where to begin. That is why having clear guidelines as to what is necessary after a loved one dies can make a huge difference. If your loved one has passed and it is time to start making arrangements, we have a simple guide that can help with the process.


First Steps

The first steps after a loved one dies include notifying the right authorities if it has happened in a hospital, nursing home, or hospice. Once this is done, it is important to start putting together the death certificate and other documentation that a funeral home will need to get the process started. Be sure to notify family as soon as possible and begin gathering information for the obituary. Make a list of all the people to include in the obituary so that you do not end up leaving anyone out.


Decide on Service

If your loved one left instructions on what they wanted for their service, then everything will be easier and quicker. If they did not, it will be the family’s responsibility to decide on whether they want a burial or a cremation. For either option, there is also the choice of having a funeral or memorial service with it. An Old Bridge, NJ funeral home will be more than happy to begin planning the right service for your loved one, helping you decide which option is best for the family.


Select A Funeral Home or Crematorium

Depending on whether a loved one will be cremated or buried, you will have to decide on the right provider. Take the time to do some research on the different services available. Knowing exactly what kind of cremation or burial a loved one will have is important since not all funeral homes near me can offer every option, including cremation services. Read reviews about the businesses and visit their locations. Meeting the funeral home director can be a great way to know if they are the kind of company that will be respectful to your loved one, going out of their way to make the service the best for the family.


A good way to make the service special is to include things that will personalize it. This can mean special readings that a loved one enjoyed or playing music that meant something to him or her. By doing simple things like this, everyone will be celebrating the loved one’s life, not their death.

These are the basic guidelines to keep in mind when planning a funeral. By taking the process one step at a time, it can stop being as overwhelming as it might be otherwise. The most important step is to select the right funeral home to ensure everything goes smoothly. Reach out to the professionals at Brunswick Memorial Home, located at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Call us at 732-254-9393.

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