Cremation and Funeral Home Services in Sayreville, NJ

Where should you look if you need to plan a funeral for a family member? The first step is to find a funeral home, but you need first to consider the services that are available. If you live in Sayreville, NJ or the nearby areas, then you are invited to schedule a consultation with our team.

Here at Brunswick Memorial Home, we have been offering funeral and cremation services for many years. We understand the responsibility that you are carrying when trying to plan a funeral. So, our team will support you during this challenging time, helping to ease your burdens.

If you are preparing for a funeral, then several important factors need to be considered:

Traditional or Custom Funeral Options

A traditional funeral is usually designed to match the customs of the family or religion. Often, it will start with a visitation or a viewing where family and friends can come to see the embalmed body. Then, the casket will be closed in a private family meeting. This gathering usually takes place right before the funeral is scheduled to start. The casket will be moved into the main room for the funeral, and the services will begin.

Funeral services can include music, slideshows, and thoughts shared by family and friends. Think about the way the program can be designed to highlight the life and accomplishments of the person that you lost. Finally, the funeral services are wrapped up with a graveside memorial before the body is laid to rest.

Even though this is the traditional plan for most funerals, you don’t need to stick with the traditions if they don’t suit the needs of your family. We are happy to customize your services in any way that you desire. For example, a Veteran’s salute can be an appropriate inclusion in the graveside service. Or, you might skip the funeral and have a Celebration of Life instead. Cremation is another option to consider.

The benefit of working with our team at Brunswick Memorial Home is that we will gladly cater the services in any way that you desire. We will listen to your preferences, then make recommendations about the options that fit. Our team has been working hard in the industry to offer the best services for you.

Cremation or Burial?

One important decision is to choose how the body will be laid to rest. If you select a traditional burial, then you will need a cemetery plot, headstone, casket, and more. We can help you choose the details that will match your preferred burial. A cemetery burial can also be done if you choose cremation. Some families want cremation, and then they bury the urn in the ground.

In comparison, cremation gives you many other options if you don’t want to move forward with the cemetery burial. Instead of spending money on the costs listed above, you might choose a basic cremation and then a celebration of life to scatter the ashes. Or, the scattering can be done in a private setting with close family and friends.

Cremated ashes don’t need to be kept in a cemetery. So, you might store them in a memorial urn at home. Or, you can choose any location for the scattering. For example, some families create a memorial garden for the ashes, as a way to show the life that can grow after the person is returned to the earth. You have the option to choose the cremation or funeral plan that will best suit the needs of your family.

Should You Pre-Plan a Funeral?

Some people think that it sounds like an uncomfortable idea to preplan a funeral. But, everyone will need a funeral at some point, so it makes sense to plan. Pre-planning gives you the voice to make your desires known, ensuring that your preferences will be met after you are gone.

Pre-planning can be done if someone is sick and they know that a funeral will be scheduled soon. Other times, people start pre-planning when they are in great health. When the plan is in place, you can rest assured to know that there won’t be problems if a death happens unexpectedly.

What are the benefits of pre-planning? There are several reasons why you should take care of these details while you are alive. You can reduce the stress and burden that is left on your family after you are gone. Plus, you can lock in the funeral prices so that there aren’t unexpected financial costs in the future. When you know the exact cost of the funeral, then you can set aside money to accommodate these expenses.

Do you have questions about funeral services in Sayreville, NJ? Talk to our team here at Brunswick Memorial Home. We are a full-service funeral home offering everything that you need, including cremation. View our facilities at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Or, call with your questions: (732) 254-9393