What Do You Need to Know about Cremation and Funeral Home Services in Monroe, NJ?

When you are planning a funeral or cremation in Monroe, NJ, our team at Brunswick Memorial Home is here to help. We have been serving customers in this industry for many years. Instead of basic funeral home services, you will gain access to a caring support network to guide you through this experience.

We know the grief and responsibility that you are carrying if you need to plan a funeral. You have lost someone that you love, and now you need to manage the stress of creating the perfect day to honor that person. It is impossible for you to work through these details without assistance. So, you need to have a good funeral home to help with the plans.

Honoring the Person You Have Lost

How do you best show your love and respect for the family member you have lost? You need to think about the funeral plans and how they will highlight that person. Customize the service in any way that you desire, to ensure that you create an opportunity for everyone to pay their respects.

Some people find it fitting to stick with a traditional funeral schedule. Usually, this plan starts with embalming and preparing the body for a viewing; then the family gathers together to say goodbye. The casket will be closed right before the funeral.

The funeral can be held at our funeral home or any other location of your choice. We will consider your needs and support the services to match. You might schedule a time for a funeral in the local church. Or, a small backyard service can be held for close friends and immediate family members.

The graveside service is usually the final piece of the funeral plan. People will gather at the grave before the casket is laid to rest. A funeral and graveside service can also be held if you choose cremation instead of a standard burial.

Celebration of Life

Do you feel like a funeral won’t highlight the life of the person in the right way? Some families want to celebrate the life, rather than mourn the loss. A Celebration of Life is a great opportunity to share memories and strengthen bonds with other family members.

Often, people choose cremation followed by a Celebration of Life. During this event, the ashes can be scattered in the location of your choice. Or, you might have a small Celebration of Life with immediate family members, and then hand out small urns with the divided ashes.

Feel free to customize the funeral, memorial, or celebration in any way that will meet the needs of your family. You might plan a big meal with their favorite foods. Or, hang up sports memorabilia from their favorite team. These small details will show the personality, helping everyone remember the memories that were shared.

Support with Decisions

One of the most overwhelming aspects of planning a funeral is working through all of the decisions. Not only do you need to choose a funeral home, but you also need to choose a casket, burial plot, flowers, headstone, and more. Instead of trying to work through the details by yourself, it is important that you talk to our experienced team for help.

We can offer the grief support that you need, as well as a guiding team to plan the perfect funeral. Not only will we listen to your requests, but we will pay attention to the details on the big day. You can focus on your family instead of worrying about the behind-the-scenes details of the funeral or cremation.

If you want to learn more about our services, then you can call anytime. You will see that we always customize the funeral to match your needs.

Is Pre-Planning Right for You?

If you have specific requests for your funeral, then you might consider the option to pre-plan the event. You can use our online form or schedule an in-person meeting with our staff. We will discuss the services, and you can design the perfect funeral to match your desires.

Pre-planning is the perfect solution to reduce the stress on your family during the funeral. Plus, you can minimize costs by choosing the details right now. Not only will your family avoid the struggle of deciding in an emotional state, but you can also lock in the pricing.

Whether you are nearing the time when a funeral will be needed, or you have many healthy years in the future, we are here to help. Talk to us for more information.

Full-Service Funeral Home

At Brunswick Memorial Home, we provide the full-service funeral home facilities that you need. These offerings include cremation, viewings, embalming, Veteran’s salutes, burials and more. Visit us at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Or, call if you have questions: (732) 254-9393