Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation

Cremation can be the best option for a lot of people who want to spend less than they would on a burial. There are a lot of cremation options, including bio cremation, which can be much more environmentally friendly than even a burial, but usually people have concerns or questions about the process. It is a great idea to read up on the process of cremation to ensure that you and your family have answers to anything you may be wondering about. We have some of the most frequently asked questions below.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The cremation process does not take long. It can take two or three hours, though ensuring that all of the paperwork is in order can sometimes take longer. Because cremation is not reversible, a crematorium or funeral home will ensure that everything is carefully prepared and in order before the cremation can begin.

Is a Casket Required?

No. A casket can be purchased if this is something the family wants, but it is not a requirement. This is one of the reasons why many people choose cremation over burial. It can end up saving a lot of money since no casket is necessary. If the cremation service provider states that you must buy a casket, then you need to choose another provider.

What Do You Do with Remains?

The remains of a cremation will be ashes, which can be placed in a container of your choice. What you do with those ashes is up to each person. Some people choose to scatter the ashes, while others want to keep them in their homes in a decorative urn. Others might prefer to purchase a space in a columbarium, where they can visit and place flowers on occasion. A company that offers Jamesburg, NJ cremation services can guide you through the process of any of these options.

Is Pre-Planning an Option?

Pre-planning a cremation is definitely something to consider. Just like planning a burial, it can make it much easier for the family of the deceased, since it will put less pressure on them while they deal with grief. Contacting a cremation service provider will ensure that you can choose for yourself what kind of cremation and service to have and to start the payment process. Pre-planning can help people who do not want to make their families worry about the arrangements once they are gone.

When choosing between burial and cremation, knowing as much as you can about the options can be the best thing. When you have questions about the services, be sure to reach out to a funeral home director or cremation service provider who will be able to help with the decision. Make a list of concerns if choosing for a loved one who has passed on and be sure to speak with the rest of the family to make certain everyone agrees with what you choose. To get started, contact Brunswick Memorial Home, located at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, by calling 732-254-9393.

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