Fingerprint Jewelry

A keychain…


A pendant…

A way to carry your loved one with you…

Our Fingerprint Jewelry offers remembrances of the ones who have passed in a truly unique and powerful way – with a tangible imprint that captures the unique impression every life makes on our own.

We can use almost any fingerprint, handprint, footprint, or paw print to create a timeless piece of jewelry – nearly any inked print will do – we can create these lasting pieces for those who are alive as well as those who have passed.

Engraving is available on most pieces for no additional charge.

Please call us at (732) 254-93939 or contact us by Clicking Here if you are interested in creating a piece.


We work with several Jewelry Artists to create the exact piece that you are looking for


You can download the brochures for each of the artists below:

Precious Memories Keepsakes Brochure

Precious Memories Keepsake Price List (Please note prices are subject to change without notice.)


First Impressions Brochure

Please note that because of the additional options available with First Impressions Jewelry, we would be happy to provide a price quote for the exact options that you are looking for.  Prices are typically very similar to the prices for similar pieces from Precious Memories.


Matthews Personal Expressions Brochure

Sample engravings can be seen below, along with a small selection of the pieces available.


Engraving Suggestions:

A small selection of the available pieces:

Please call us at (732) 254-9393 or contact us by Clicking Here if you are interested in creating a piece.

Large Rimmed Pendant

Precious Memories Item 11LR

Gold Print Ring

Precious Memories Item 33YG

Buck Knife with Silver Charm

Precious Memories Item 69

Cuff Links

Precious Memories Item 32YG

Double Gold Heart

Precious Memories Item 92YG

Dog Tag

Precious Memories Item 55

Money Clip with Gold Charm

Precious Memories Item 98

Pendant with Birth Stone

Precious Memories Item 14L

Heart Pendant

Matthews Heart Pendant with 3D Handwriting


Charm Bracelet

Matthews Petite Line Charm Bracelet

Rose Gold Pendant w/ Diamond Halo

First Impressions Item 11CPDR


Golf Ball Marker

First Impressions Item 17GMS