Father’s Day After a Loss

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It is never easy to have to go through a celebration after you have lost someone. This can be particularly difficult if you have lost a parent and are worried about how to get through Mother’s or Father’s Day. If you have recently lost your father, the first Father’s Day can be challenging and you don’t know what to expect from this or what you can do to honor your dad. For those still mourning, the staff here at Brunswick Memorial Home, our family owned funeral and cremation services in East Brunswick, NJ can offer some suggestions to make Father’s Day a bit easier.

One of the first things you should realize is that ignoring the day is not a healthy option. Many people try to do this, busying themselves with work or errands, but in the end, this can make things more complicated. The right thing to do is to allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you are feeling. This can be grief, anger, and a variety of other emotions. Let them arise naturally.

A good way of dealing with a celebration like Father’s Day is to plan to do something in your father’s name. This can be tough to plan, but it is something that can give you some peace and perhaps some closure. Think of the things that your father would enjoyed. If he liked to take walks in a particular park, for example, why not do this yourself in his honor? Did he enjoy going out to the ballpark? If he enjoyed a certain movie, you can invite people to watch it with you in his memory. Small things like this can make a huge difference in how you experience Father’s Day.

Many people think that having fun is not something that isn’t appropriate after a loss of this kind. It ‘s important to allow yourself to do something that can help you process your grief. Honoring your father’s memory does not only have to be a somber affair. Laughing and dancing and enjoying yourself do not diminish your loss so it’s important to remember that. If he was someone who loved to have fun and who enjoyed a party, it is completely appropriate to do something fun when honoring him.

Try not to be alone during these kinds of celebrations. It can be tempting to spend the time alone, but it’s better to have people around with whom you can speak if you are going through a rough patch of emotions.

These suggestions can make Father’s Day a bit easier after the loss of your father. It will never be an easy day, but it does not have to be overwhelming either. Here at Brunswick Memorial Home, our East Brunswick, NJ cremation service we’re here to offer help and suggestions. Named the best funeral home in Central Jersey for 10 years in a row, you can give us a call at (732)254-9393 or stop at our offices at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816.

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