Eco-Friendly Burials, a How-To Guide

People who are concerned with the environment can find it very difficult to choose the right arrangements for the disposal of their remains. This is because, traditionally, not much care was taken to protect the environment from pollutants or from items that could remain in the ground for decades after the death. Even regular cremation can release carbon into the air. So how do you plan an eco-friendly burial? We have some ways to put less strain on the planet.

Opt Out of Embalming

One of the most harmful things that can happen after someone is buried is the embalming fluids start seeping into the ground. Usually, embalming involves formaldehyde, which is toxic and pollutes the ground. If you are planning a burial, whether pre-planning one for yourself or making arrangements for a loved one, why not avoid this? No funeral home can force you to embalm your loved one and it can really help the environment if you forego that service. There are some other embalming options available too, though they are not always offered. Reach out to a Jamesburg, NJ funeral home for more information.

Bio-Degradable Casket

Most caskets have metal parts in them, whether hinges, handles, or other components. This means that even if the casket is made of wood and breaks down in the ground, the metal parts will remain. Metal can put a strain on the environment. Why not choose a bio-degradable casket instead? There are many options available, including wicker and pine caskets. Some people choose to be wrapped in linen or other organic cloth. This allows the body to break down more easily without leaving anything harmful behind. There are lots of options these days for caskets that will break down in the ground and ensure that nothing toxic is left.

“Green” Headstones

Another thing to consider when planning an eco-friendly burial is the headstone. The best options tend to be the ones that blend in with the surroundings. People usually choose rocks that are from the area and that are not commercially produced. They will be irregularly shaped, but will be a great way to ensure that you put as little strain on the planet as possible. Other options include using trees as markers, or plants of other kinds. There are lots of companies that offer a wide variety of green markers.

By keeping all of these things in mind, you can plan a burial that is eco-friendly and that will put as little strain on the planet as possible. Take the time to do some research on the funeral home you are considering so that you can ensure that they will do everything as “green” as possible. Opt out of embalming, since this can put lots of toxic fluid in the ground, and use a casket that breaks down and leaves nothing behind. You can get started by contacting Brunswick Memorial Home at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Call 732-254-9393 right now to learn more.

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