Cremation Options

There are many different ways to honor your loved one…

Cremation is not the ending to your loved one’s story.

Whether you intend to place the cremated remains in a cemetery, mausoleum, at home, to scatter them at sea, or even turn them into a tree, we offer a number of options to honor your loved one..

Please call us at (732) 254-9393 or contact us by Clicking Here if you are interested in creating a piece.


We have a full selection room available at our facility for you to choose from. Scroll down for images of the items that we have on display.


If there is something specific that you are looking for, you can view the full catalogs below:

Batesville Options Catalog

Matthews I’ll Remember You Catalog

Crescent Memorial Catalog

Most urns can also be engraved at an additional cost.

Explore our full selection room:

The following urns are typically kept on display and in stock at the funeral home. The full catalogs above are typically available with just a few days for shipping.

Please call us at (732) 254-9393 or contact us by Clicking Here if you would like more information.

Aristocrat Bronze

Cherry Memento Chest

Jefferson Mahogany

Jefferson Mahogany

Also on display in Miniature

Fredericksburg Cherry

Also on display in Keepsake and Miniature

Ebony Capsule Marble

Cashmere Gray Marble

The Living Urn

Designed to grow an enduring memory tree with cremated remains. Includes purchase of tree.

Windward Reflections

Designed to scatter cremated remains at sea. Sailboat design is on display.


Includes choice of topper.

Eco Water Urn

Designed to scatter cremated remains at sea.

Flora Maple Momento Chest

Bronze Cube


Scattering Tubes

Designed for scattering cremated remains. Available designs may vary.

Forever In Our Hearts

Also on display is Candle Holder and Keepsake size.


Painted Bronze Chest

Stained Hardwood


Pewter Bronze

(including LifeSymbols)


(includes Removable Frame)


Dogwood Oak

Holton Distressed Memento Chest

(includes LifeSymbols and Painted Steel Chest insert)


Blue Delphia