Commemorating Mother’s Day After a Loss

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Losing your mother is never easy and it can be especially tough to deal with the emotions that loss brings when Mother’s Day comes around each year. If this is something that you are struggling with, there are ways that you can commemorate that special day while getting the kind of healing you need. Here at Brunswick Memorial Home, an East Brunswick, NJ funeral home and cremation providers, we have some suggestions of things that can make Mother’s Day less difficult after a loss.

Do something to honor the memory of your mother. This can be as simple as going to a movie that you think your mother would have liked to see. You can visit her favorite park or go for a walk in an area that she liked. Being mindful of your mother’s memory can help in these times, and it can allow you to commemorate her while also giving yourself time to feel the loss.

One of the mistakes that people make is trying to distract themselves from the loss. This can actually backfire and make the day even more difficult. Rather, give yourself time to mourn the loss and begin to heal. Take some time to yourself and visit the grave, if there is one. Confronting the loss is always much healthier than trying to ignore it, which only amplifies it when you do feel it.

It can be very helpful to spend time with people you love during Mother’s Day. People who are grieving find it tempting to spend time alone, but this can be unhealthy. Even if you do not feel like the life of the party, engage with other people. Reach out to relatives and friends and plan something together, even if it is to have a meal together. During this time, allow yourself to speak of your mother if that feels natural. You will not be a burden, as many people fear, and you will benefit tremendously from the company of other people you love who may also share the loss.

You can also do something to honor your mother’s memory like plant a tree in her name. You can get a plaque engraved, or do some volunteer work in her name. These things can be extremely helpful when dealing with her loss. If you do not know where to begin, speak with other family members to see how to best commemorate your mother on her day.

Even if your mother is no longer with you, you should still honor her by commemorating Mother’s Day. This is not always easy to do, but it is an essential part of healing from the loss. Do something she would have loved or offer your time to causes that she was interested in. Even if you just visit her grave, you will be giving yourself time to honor and mourn her loss. Learn more about honoring your mother on Mother’s Day by reaching out to us, a cremations and funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ. You can visit us – Brunswick Memorial Home – at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 or call us at (732) 254-9393. We’ve been named the Best Funeral Home in Central Jersey for the last 10 years, and we’re eager to help you in any way we can.

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