The Best Ways to Personalize a Funeral or Memorial Service

We all have a certain idea of what a funeral or memorial services looks like. Most of us think of flowers and hymns, as well as eulogies and a large portrait of the deceased. It is important to know that there are all manner of ways in which you can personalize the service to ensure that your loved one’s personality shines through. Many North Brunswick, NJ funeral homes have excellent ways to make the funeral or memorial service unique and they always encourage their clients to be as creative as they want.

Music is always an important part of a funeral service. If you and your family want a somber, classic funeral, then hymns and other religious songs are available, but if your loved one was always the life of the party, perhaps a somber service is not the best option. Why not try other types of music? Make a playlist of your loved one’s favorite pieces or hire musicians that can play those songs. It can be a wonderful way of personalizing the service.

Flowers, too, can be customized and individualized. Funerary flower arrangements tend to look similar to one another, so consider changing things up a bit. Some people encourage their guests to bring flowers from their gardens or even wildflowers that your loved one would have liked. If the deceased had a favorite plant, it can be a great idea to decorate the location of the funeral service with that flower or plant. Something as simple as opting for unique flowers can change the entire mood of the service.

Instead of having a formal picture displayed, as most funeral services do, why not have a collage of pictures? You can encourage people to bring images of them with your loved one to display during the service so that everyone can share memories with each other. A collage will always show the personality of the deceased much more successfully than a formal portrait.

Providing keepsakes for the guests will also personalize the service. They do not have to be expensive or complicated items. If your loved one loved to feed birds, for example, prepare little bags of birdseed for the guests to take with them. It can provide closure and allow people to feel that their loved one is nearby. The more personalized the service is, the more comfort people will get from it and the quicker the healing process can begin.

Everyone is unique and that means that everyone deserves to have a funeral or memorial service that honors that uniqueness. By taking the time to personalize things like the music, flowers, and images in the service, you will be truly honoring your loved one after they have passed on. Funeral homes in North Brunswick, NJ are more than happy to help with ideas for personalizing the services. Contact Brunswick Memorial Home, located at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Give them a call at 732-254-9393.

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