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For many families, cremation is the choice for final disposition. What many families don’t realize, however, is that the sole difference between a cremation funeral and a funeral with burial is the disposition of the body itself. We can hold all of the same ceremonies, visitation, etc., that we do when there will be burial. As a funeral home that specializes in cremation, we can help you create a meaningful ceremony that honors the life of your loved one.

There are no “standard” types of services or expectations when the services will include cremation – we can offer a full range of options based upon your religion, traditions and family needs.

Service Options

When most people think of cremation, they think of something very quick and inexpensive – no viewing, no casket, no ceremony. This is not necessarily true. In fact, most families that opt for cremation have some type of services or ceremonies to honor the life of their loved one. There are a number of different types of services that incorporate cremation. We’ve listed some types of services here, but the range of choices is wide. Call us – we’d be happy to discuss all of the options with you, to help you pick a service that will be appropriate for your family’s needs.

Cremation with Viewing and Funeral Ceremony

Many families opt to have visitations and funeral ceremonies prior to the cremation. In this case, the body is present in a casket for the visitation and ceremony. The only difference from a burial type service would be that the ceremonies would end at the conclusion of the actual rite at the funeral home or church, since we typically go to the crematory privately.

Psychologists tell us that a viewing and ceremony help us bring closure to our loss and help us heal. By having a place for friends and relatives to gather, the funeral ceremony offers everyone an opportunity to express their grief and condolences to the family. Since having the body present for the ceremony and/or viewing requires a casket, we offer a number of specially designed cremation caskets, including a ceremonial, or “rental” casket. Families can personalize the services with photos or personal mementos, special music, or a eulogy.

Cremation with a Memorial Service (without the body present)

Some families prefer to have a “memorial” service without the body present. These services can range from informal gatherings at our chapel, the family’s home, or some other meaningful location, to a large, carefully planned service at a church or synagogue. This type of service can take place either before or after the actual cremation has been done, and allows family and friends to honor a life lived through eulogies, special music, floral tributes, or displays of photos or treasured possessions. We can help you plan a memorial service or gathering that helps express your feelings about the deceased.

Immediate Cremation

For some families, their preference is to have the cremation without any type of remembrance services, or viewing. The funeral home can handle all of the administrative and transfer details, and will work with you to be sure that the arrangements are exactly as you wish them to be.

Regardless of the choice of services, there will be several selections you will need to make, including the selection of a cremation container and urn.

The cremation container is the container that the body is taken to the crematory in, and can range from a corrugated alternative container, to wood, to a traditional casket. While there is no legal requirement to purchase a casket for cremation, the crematories in our area require that the body be encased in some type of sturdy container for transfer and handling.

Selections of urns range from a simple temporary plastic receptacle to urns made of wood, marble, and bronze. Many of our urns can be personalized with engraving that reflects the life of the person who died (their favorite hobby, a favorite verse, etc…). We also offer “keepsake” items, ranging from miniature urns to cremation jewelry that holds a small portion of the cremated remains. This way, if more than one family member wishes to have a remembrance, they can do so.

Another decision that a family must make is the disposition of the cremated remains. Some families opt to keep them, others will bury them in a family plot, and still others will scatter them in a meaningful place. Others choose to split the cremains, sometimes keeping a small portion, while scattering another portion. We can help explain all of these choices to you, and assist you in making selections that are right for your family.


Costs for cremation services vary depending on the selections the family makes. We offer a full range of services, tailored to fit every family’s needs and budget. Since there are so many choices – services, casket or cremation container, urn, etc., it’s usually much more valuable to talk with us directly to get costs that truly reflect your family’s wishes. Call us at (732) 254-9393 to talk about the type of services you wish, and we will be happy to provide you with a detailed list of the costs involved.
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